MellowLash Adhesive Dark Eyeliner {E-D}

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MellowLash Adhesive Dark Eyeliner

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【2 in 1 Self Adhesive Eyeliner】Say goodbye to the old way of pasting false eyelashes, and say goodbye to sticky glue! Our latest self-adhesive liquid eyeliner is made of special materials, this magic eyeliner works by bonding with your falsies' lash strip. That means you do not need to buy magnetic eyelashes to wear them with. They will bond with regular (non-magnetic) false lashes. Also you can use it with normal liquid eyeliner, obvious deep pitch-black color to your eye.


【8-12h Long Lasting & Glue Free】MellowLash Magic eyeliner Extra Strong is made with a higher amount of lash bond than the original. Avoid the gravity problem and the discomfort feeling to the eyes because of the viscous ingredients, waterproof and smudge proof liner it can keep your makeup in good status about 8-12 hours.


【Easy to Apply】Outflow smoothly, one stroke molding. Simply and quickly put on eyelashes and so suitable for beginners! Can be used with any false lashes. Firstly, shake the liner, then draw the liner along your lash line curl, finally put on lashes.


【Save Time】There is no need for complicated techniques, it saves 2/3 of the time compared to traditional false eyelashes, and become a professional eye makeup artist.


【Makeup remover friendly】Regular glue leaves a large amount of clumpy residue on your natural eyelashes as well as your false lashes after wear, reducing the lifespan of your falsies and making for a more difficult makeup removing routine. Mellowlash Self-Adhesive Eyeliner dries cleaner, leaving less residue on your falsies.