MellowLash Angel Lash {L-DAM}

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MellowLash Angel Lash

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MellowLash Angel EyelashesAngle looking lashes, all-day comfort 3D synthetic fibre lashes, can go for daily shopping or workday puu-offs. Full strip, natural looking.


Reusable and Long Lasting Eyelashes】Long lasting, can stay on for a maximum of 12 hours, and durable, can be reused for a maximum of 30 times with proper care. Easy to put on, lashes are soft and flexible, can be adjusted onto lids easily.


Buy as a Set】 MellowLash false eyelashes can be bought as a self-adhesive eyeliner and eyelashes kit. 2 pairs of lashes with different styles are included, kit also comes with eyeliner, tweezer and makeup remover pads.


Natural Look】Full strip light and soft natural look for daily application.


Easy to Use】Simply contour the eyes with the self adhesive black liquid eyeliner,or any lash glues, attach the eyelashes of your choice to the adhesive with our user friendly eyelash tweezers. Easily removable with gently placing one of our eye makeup remover pads over your eyes for 10-15 seconds. Can use to remove any other makeup or dirt as well.