MellowLash Chamomile Make-Up Remover Wipes {R-C}

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MellowLash Chamomile Make-Up Remover Wipe

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【MellowLash Eye Makeup Remover Pads】Soft and gentle, double-sided makeup remover wipes for effective skin cleansing & makeup removal. Gently removes dirt and makeup, rinse-free cleansers leaving your skin feeling soft and clean.


Buy as a Set】 MellowLash eye make-up remover wipes can be bought as a kit, with 2 pairs of lashes of different styles, an adhesive eyeliner,  a tweezer and our makeup remover pads.


Buy On Its Own】You can also choose to buy this item on itself, our eye make-up remover wipes are applicable on all eye make-ups. 


Easy to Use】Gently place the Mellowlash eye make-up remover wipes over your eyes and let it stay for 10-15 seconds. Repeat the process until all residues have been removed. 


Package Includes】1 pack of 25 remover wipes.