MellowLash False Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit {K-DBM}

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MellowLash False Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit

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  • 1 eyeliner + 2 pairs of lashes + 1 tweezer + 1 make-up remover

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【2 in 1 Self Adhesive Eyeliner】Say goodbye to the old way of pasting false eyelashes, and say goodbye to sticky glue! Our latest self-adhesive liquid eyeliner is made of special materials, this magic eyeliner works by bonding with your falsies' lash strip. That means you do not need to buy magnetic eyelashes to wear them with. They will bond with regular (non-magnetic) false lashes. Also you can use it with normal liquid eyeliner, obvious deep pitch-black color to your eye.


【3D Artificial eyelashes】2 pairs of  Artificial eyelashes is made of soft ultra-fine simulated mink hair in 0.05mm diameter. 3 layers of eyelashes with laminated compression to make eyes thicker and more nature so that you can own 360°big eyes. Shaped by special process to lead to 20 times of usage repeatedly without deformation problem.


【MellowLash Eyelash Tweezers】Handy tool for false lashes application with more convenient and hygienic. Simply use this tool to take the lashes and place the lashes onto the area covered with self-adhesive eyeliner.


【Eye Makeup Cleansing Wipes 】This is the first makeup remover designed professionally for the viscous eyeliner. It only takes 5 seconds to remove the viscous eyeliner completely. Moisturizes the eye skin with the gentle and non-irritation feeling, it can also be used to remove other cosmetics all over the face.


【Easy to Use】Simply contour the eyes with the self adhesive black liquid eyeliner, attach the eyelashes of your choice to the eyeliner with our user friendly eyelash tweezers. Easily remove with gently placing one of our eye makeup cleansing wipes over your eyes for 5-10 seconds.